Company Profile

Ultimately, global trade  is local trade. Interra International’s worldwide reach is comprehensive: Our offices are strategically positioned around the world to streamline the logistics process and help facilitate special transactions. From these facilities, we stay current on market intelligence to provide you with accurate regional analysis and pricing information. This enables us to speak with a local voice, whether we’re buying or selling. In these offices we manage trade from the European Union, China and South America to markets throughout the world including China, Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Our international headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia manages the trading from North America to Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, as well as coordinates all worldwide activities.

Interra International’s leadership position in trade-management and logistics technology is the result of a 30 year commitment from our directors to supply-chain efficiency and information accuracy. However, what keeps our course and guides this organization is a simple promise: “Our word is our ink – it’s the bond with our suppliers and customers.” With this guiding principle as our compass, we work with customers and suppliers who share in this business ethic. We do this because, at the end of the day, trust is the bond in a long-term relationship. We are in the information business – first. Whether your question is about availability, quality, pricing, logistics, or customs – our staff will deliver accurate, timely information that you will come to rely on. Our mutual livelihood is directly related to monitoring worldwide events, trends, regulations and veterinary challenges. We strive to quickly interpret how these events could affect international trade and proactively steer our suppliers and customers away from difficult situations on the horizon.