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Our Latest Trip to China

Our latest trip to China was a success!

On January 14th, Interra China went to Suzhou, China joining over 500 participants at the 2017 US Poultry Trade Reception. The goal in 2017 is to have China re-open as an export market for US Poultry. This event included many US suppliers, US government organizations and Chinese customers.

We also enjoyed our time in the Interra China office. Tina received a gift honoring her five-year anniversary with the company. We shared dinner with our colleagues and celebrated the Chinese New Year as a family, sharing food, drinks and stories, and participated in a team building activity. Our China team successfully escaped “the room.” A great team experience all around!

We had a great time with all our customers, suppliers and vendors. As always, we appreciate their continued business. On behalf of our Interra International family, we wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!


1/14,英特莱中国区的销售人员去了苏州,参加了一个与会者超过500名的2017年度美国禽类贸易接待会。2017年的目标是中国重新开放对美国禽类的进口。这次的接待会包括了多家美国供应商,美国的政府组织以及中国国内的客户。 在英特莱中国办公室我们也读过了愉快的一周。Tina收到一份纪念她入职五周年的特殊礼物。我们和全体中国区同事像家人一样一起吃庆祝新年的晚饭。我们分享食物,饮料和故事。我们还一起参加了团队协作活动,成功的完成了“密室逃脱”。非常棒的一次团队体验。 我们和所有的客户,供应商一起渡过了愉快的时光。如过去一样,我们心怀感激。 谨代表英特莱大家庭,预祝大家新年快乐!