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Employee Spotlight – Marie Havel

Interra International | Employee Spotlight

Marie began her career with a French company that traded sugar in bulk vessels. She started in the telex room sending out messages dictated by management and logistics as well as distributing incoming messages. Reuters was used to check the fixtures on the terminal market and Marie would record the opening and closing values.

Over time, Marie learned more interesting aspects of the food trade industry working with Jean-Christophe, Sales Manager for the Commodities division in Paris, France. After 10 years, Marie moved to logistics and learned all the logistics for Jean-Christophe and one other trader. She followed Jean-Christophe to PS International and joined the Interra team in 2015 when they acquired PS International.

Marie primarily works on logistics, documentation, and other support for the team; however, she is largely focused on the Sugar trade. She also handles Dairy and Rice. Most of the clients she assists are in West Africa and Algeria.

Marie enjoys working for Interra because of the camaraderie and encouragement. “You are given autonomy and objectives, and most importantly, they congratulate you on a job well done” says Marie. She feels that Interra treats her like family. “Managers and colleagues want to know us all personally; they are good to work with and I enjoy the human connection.”

Marie’s pastime is reading…she loves books! She also practices yoga and likes to go to the movies. Her husband is a musician, so they both go to a lot of concerts together. Before COVID, she would participate in street libraries on Saturday afternoons with a group called ATD. Her group would bring books to the kids and read with them or for them. She loves this activity and hope to resume it soon.

Marie believes that the most important value that Interra delivers on is integrity. Honesty means everything and she is proud to be part of a team that delivers consistently on this important value.

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