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We are seasoned experts in the sourcing, export, and distribution of a wide variety of agriculture commodities. They include, but are not limited to, dairy, sugar, rice, nuts, oil and tomato paste items. Our culturally diverse team, years of industry experience, global infrastructure, and real time insight to global pricing, give you a competitive edge and enables you to take advantage of market disparities and trends. At Interra, we give you  access to the world market customized for your local market.


Wholesale Dairy, Milk Wholesale, Wholesale Dairy

Dairy: Interra International is an active partner in the dairy market with over 35 years of trade experience. We buy directly from dairies and cooperatives around the world, More >

Wholesale Sugar, Sugar Wholesale, Wholesale Sugar

Sugar: Interra International sources sugar directly and indirectly from sugar mills and refineries from a variety of countries throughout the world. We can offer a wide range… More >

Wholesale Rice, Rice Wholesale, Wholesale Rice

Rice: Interra International trades a wide variety of rice types from all over the globe. The largest market is in milled white rice, … More >

Nuts: Interra International has close relationships with sellers in the U.S., Argentina, India, China and Brazil. While U.S. peanuts account for the majority of our volume, dealing with other sourcing origins … More >

Wholesale Oil, Oil Wholesale, Wholesale Oil

Edible Oils: Interra International is actively involved in the vegetable oils market. We are able to supply both refined and crude vegetable oils from … More >

Wholesale Tomato Paste, Tomato Paste Wholesale, Wholesale Tomato Paste

Tomato Products & Ingredients: Interra International sources tomato paste from around the world, and can provide the best quality and price value for your company’s needs… More >

Feed Ingredients: Interra International delivers animal feed ingredients throughout the world. We offer a wide range of high quality amino acids, vegetable proteins… More >