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Interra International | Global Food Trade

Global Food Trade Amidst a Pandemic

To feed and nourish millions, global food trade is an absolute necessity. Without global food trade, it is estimated that several hundred million people in the world would go hungry or be undernourished. International food trade helps move products from…

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Interra International | Food Supply Issues

How is COVID-19 Affecting Food Supply

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the globe, there are concerns about its affect on food production, food supply, and availability. The pandemic has affected nearly everyone, some more profoundly than others. It has changed many aspects of…

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Interra International | Wuhan Coronavirus

The Wuhan Coronavirus Affects Global Trade

The Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has now claimed over 1,000 lives in mainland China since its outbreak late last year. Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that affect the respiratory system. The virus exhibits symptoms from mild/moderate colds to lower-respiratory…

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