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Llegar a un aniversario es un hito comercial importante. En Interra International, estamos orgullosos de todo lo que hemos logrado y celebramos nuestros 20 años de compromiso con la industria alimentaria.

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Conozca nuestros servicios, tales como presencia en el mercado y ubicaciones globales y soluciones de riesgo financiero.

27May 20

Global Food Trade Amidst a Pandemic

To feed and nourish millions, global food trade is an absolute necessity. Without global food trade, it is estimated that several hundred million people in the world would go hungry or be undernourished. International food trade helps move products from origin to table, minimizing the amount of loss due to…

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20May 20

How Can We Help Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic?

You’re staying home. You’re washing your hands. You’re avoiding large gatherings. In addition to taking all the steps to follow crucial safety guidelines for yourself and your family, what can we do to help the individuals and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? COVID-19 is creating new needs, while putting…

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19May 20

How is COVID-19 Affecting Food Supply

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the globe, there are concerns about its affect on food production, food supply, and availability. The pandemic has affected nearly everyone, some more profoundly than others. It has changed many aspects of our lives from work and school to how we behave…

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09Mar 20

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Sugar was first produced from sugarcane plants in northern India just after the 1st century CE. Originally, people chewed the sugarcane raw to extract its sweetness. Then, methods to extract the sugar cane juice led to the domestication of the plant. Over time, the process of crystallization was discovered, leading…

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25Feb 20

Nuts Around the World

Nuts are a favorite food and cooking additive around the world. We love our nuts spiced and toasted in the winter months, as a garnish for salads in the summer, and as a flavoring for stir-fry recipes anytime. Yes, nuts are such a versatile food and can be found in…

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03Feb 20


Americans will be “winging it” during the Big Game! The chicken sandwich may have won 2019, but the chicken wing will still reign supreme over the big game in 2020. The National Chicken Council (NCC) released its annual Chicken Wing Report, projecting Americans to consume a record-breaking 1.4 billion chicken…

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19Ene 20

Beef Cuts for the Holidays

Oven-roasted beef tenderloin, standing rib roasts, filet mignon, and prime rib of beef are special-occasion cuts that are an excellent centerpiece for your holiday table. There are many delicious ways to prepare and season your beef cuts: Rubs (peppers, herbs, and garlic) Glazes (maple bourbon, honey, or balsamic) Served with…

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19Ene 20

Interra International – Global Food Trader

Most cities today are multicultural in nature. The top multicultural cities include London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. From the people, to the language, and especially the diverse cuisines, most of us enjoy the vibrancy of different cultures around us. Embracing and accepting cultural differences opens…

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