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Reaching an anniversary is a major business milestone. At Interra International, we are proud of all that we have achieved and are celebrating our 20 years of commitment to the food industry.

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19Oct 20

Grain Harvest Time

With harvest season upon us, American grain farmers are working hard to get their grains to storage. Grain elevators are extremely busy with hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain to be processed daily. Safety is paramount and new equipment is helping not only protect workers from entrapments and fatalities,…

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14Oct 20

Smaller Turkeys or More Leftovers?

The COVID-19 situation has affected so many areas of our lives, from work and school to social, sports, and more. Life has changed, and quite possibly in ways that will never completely return to normal. One potential area that food professionals are seeing could impact our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. With…

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21Sep 20

Premium Chicken Products and Logistics Services

We love chicken. It has a wonderful taste; it works so well in so many dishes of such diverse cultures. It complements flavors and makes a very satisfying meal. It is also a very healthy choice for many. Health Benefits Consumption of chicken products can reduce the risk of becoming…

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16Sep 20

Pork Products from Interra International

Discover our amazing variety of pork products and wholesale cuts of pork and learn why a partnership with Interra can simplify for food business operations. We provide delicious cuts of pork, branded packaging, and the logistics to get the products quickly and safely to their destination. We have 30+ years…

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09Sep 20

SIAL China 2020

Inspiration is in the air, and you can bet that magic will happen when 2,200 exhibitors and 60,000 professionals come together from September 28-30 in Shanghai at SIAL China. We will be there among many others in the National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, and you will find our team…

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31Aug 20

Quality Dairy Products

Interra International customers enjoy access to an extensive line of quality milk and dairy products. We have worked hard to earn our place in the dairy industry with over 35 years of experience in dairy trade. Our extensive relationships allow us to offer the finest quality and selection of dairy…

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26Aug 20

Shipping Food All Over the World

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I move food from one country to another.  Simple, right?  Most people have no idea of all the things that need to line up perfectly to accomplish this feat! Let’s take a shipment out of the US,…

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24Aug 20

COVID-19 and Food Industry

Our world has changed forever. Unemployment has increased, global travel has decreased. Casualties have increased, greenhouse emissions have declined. The coronavirus has driven all industries to unchartered territories, and global and domestic food supply chains have not been spared. The pandemic has closed some food factories, impacted food transport, and…

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