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Happy Holidays
Peace. Joy. Love. Happy Holidays from our Interra Family to Yours!

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09Dec 19

Interra International – Global Food Trader

Most cities today are multicultural in nature. The top multicultural cities include London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. From the people, to the language, and especially the diverse cuisines, most of us enjoy the vibrancy of different cultures around us. Embracing and accepting cultural differences opens…

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19Nov 19

Beef Cuts for the Holidays

Oven-roasted beef tenderloin, standing rib roasts, filet mignon, and prime rib of beef are special-occasion cuts that are an excellent centerpiece for your holiday table. There are many delicious ways to prepare and season your beef cuts: Rubs (peppers, herbs, and garlic) Glazes (maple bourbon, honey, or balsamic) Served with…

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12Nov 19

Dairy Trends in 2019

The dairy industry is always changing in response to consumer preferences. 2019 is no exception. Let’s take a trip down the dairy isle of your supermarket and see what innovations and trends we might bring home. Digestive Wellness Wellness has been taking the forefront in consumer awareness. The dairy industry…

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29Oct 19

Financing Solutions for Business Growth

Purchasing wholesale food products can be challenging. While the purchase may be simple, managing the cash flow can be difficult. Don’t let these challenges limit your ability to grow. Managing Cash Flow Many wholesale food suppliers, especially foreign ones, require advance payment before shipping goods. Depending on the type of…

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22Oct 19

Edible Oils

Edible oils come in many varieties and from many different sources. Oils are derived from plants, animals, or synthetic fat. Depending upon the type of oil and its relative smoke point, these edible oils are used in frying, baking, and other types of cooking. In addition, edible oils are also…

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15Oct 19

Raw Sugar Products

Green plants make sugar through the process of photosynthesis. They transform the sun’s energy into food. Photosynthesis uses energy from sun to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose (sugar) and oxygen. The glucose or sugar that is created from photosynthesis is used by the plant for growth, flower formation,…

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10Oct 19

Thanksgiving Day 2019

This year you will have a little extra time to plan for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving falls on November 28th this year, the first time it has been this late in the month since 2013. Historically, Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the last Thursday of the month since Abraham Lincoln.…

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16Sep 19

Anuga 2019 – 100 Years of History

This year, Anuga is celebrating 100 years of history. The first Anuga was held in Stuttgart in 1919. It was a much smaller scale show in which approximately 200 German companies participated and was called the General Food and Luxury Food Exhibition. By 1924, the General Food and Luxury Food…

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