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Interra International News
27Aug 18

Nuts Around the World

Nuts are a favorite food and cooking additive around the world. We love our nuts spiced and toasted in the winter months, as a garnish for salads in the summer, and as a flavoring for stir-fry recipes anytime. Yes, nuts are such a versatile food and can be found in…

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13Aug 18

ECRM – Deli, Dairy & Bakery EPPS & Frozen Foods

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing, ECRM, brings buyers and suppliers together to foster collaboration, productivity, and optimize the entire buying and selling process through online and in-person programs. Join Interra Food Marketing in San Diego as buyers across all retail channels explore products and programs supporting Deli, Dairy, and Bakery options. August 20…

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06Aug 18

Rice – A Staple Food for Your Business

Rice is one of the main staple foods that is found in a wide variety of cuisines and provides a significant portion of dietary intake. A staple is a nourishment that is eaten routinely and, in such amounts, that it constitutes a predominant segment of the standard eating regimen for…

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30Jul 18

Why We Love Nuts

Crunchy and filling, they are a true “superfood”. Nuts contain a wealth of nutrients including protein, vitamin E, fiber, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and iron. Their bite size makes them an easy snack food to take anywhere and keep you energized and healthy.

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19Jul 18

Interra Fun Day at Work

Our values are always present: “Insisting on Integrity, Striving for Excellence, Promoting Family, and Fostering Cooperation.” We not only work, we have fun while doing so! Thank you Interra Family for an incredible afternoon of games and team work!

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17Jul 18

Summer Tomatoes

There is nothing more delicious than fresh summer tomatoes. Farmers markets are brimming with all the colorful varieties and specialty heirloom tomatoes; some of those heirloom tomatoes are as big as pumpkins! Beefsteak, Black Krim, Roma, Kumato, Cherry, Brandywine, Jubilee, and more. Their colors range from deep crimson to orange,…

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12Jul 18

Rice in the News

India’s rice exports are expected to soften due to increased buying prices set by the government. These buying prices set the price that the government will purchase rice from the local growers. The Indian government typically buys more than a third of the country’s rice supply at a fixed price.…

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11Jun 18

USA Rice Millers’ Association Annual Convention

The 119th convention of the USA Rice Millers’ Association (RMA) is scheduled to be held this year from June 12-15th. The Greenbrier, a luxury resort in the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia, will be hosting this valuable forum for the rice industry. Show support for the U.S. Rice industry by…

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