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Reaching an anniversary is a major business milestone. At Interra International, we are proud of all that we have achieved and are celebrating our 20 years of commitment to the food industry.

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Beef News

2021 Beef News Roundup

As we near the end of 2021, it is an excellent time to look back at the year and summarize the activities and accomplishments in an industry vertical. Our spotlight shines on the beef industry, where U.S. beef exports are forecast to strengthen their presence in the global market. According…

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Interra International | Food Industry, Meat Products

USMEF Conference Highlights

November 10-12 of this year marked the USMEF’s 45th Anniversary and Strategic Planning Conference held in Carlsbad, California. In addition to a full agenda of important industry topics, breakout sessions for beef, pork, exports, feed grains, and oilseed provided relevant, in-depth discussion. Some of the major topics included: Shipping delays…

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Interra International | Food Industry News

Hurricane Ida Wreaks Havoc on U.S. Bulk Grain Shipping

Though Hurricane Ida did much less property damage to the city of New Orleans than Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Ida’s path over the Mississippi Grain Corridor meant huge impacts on the export of bulk grain. A significant portion of U.S. grain exports ships in bulk via barge, loading upriver where…

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Community Outreach at ACSS

On September 23rd, seven Interra employees volunteered at the Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency (ACSS) in the debut service project of the newly created Community Outreach Committee. Located in downtown Atlanta, ACSS provides services and training for those experiencing homelessness. We had the opportunity to meet several of the staff, who…

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Interra International | Supply Chain Updates

Port Congestion and Supply Chain Delays Continue

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed supply chains in many ways, from outbreaks and closures to short-staffed ports, storage facilities, and truck driver pools. In addition, people have adopted new ways of shopping that put more burden on shipping than ever before. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have…

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Interra International | Wholesale Poultry Products

Avian Flu Overview & Update

Back in February 2020, the Saudi Arabian government reported an avian flu outbreak on a poultry farm in the central Sudair region. The outbreak cost the loss of over 22,000 birds in a matter of weeks. This outbreak was reported to be the highly pathogenic H5N8 virus which began to…

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