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Interra International – Distributor of Quality Beef Products

wholesale beef products

The international beef industry is a challenging environment, one that requires many years of expertise for the success of your food-based business. Interra International has an exceptional team of professionals with local market and industry knowledge ready to help you with all your wholesale beef products. Staying abreast of food industry trends, market prices, and business needs is where Interra’s experienced team excels. Interra International is a meat importer, procuring the highest quality beef products from the world’s leading production regions, including the United States, Canada, Australia/NZ, Europe, and South America.

Premium Quality Sustainable Beef Products

The quality of our wholesale meat products is what makes our beef products unique, excellent cuts of meat procured, processed, and delivered from suppliers to consumers under the strictest standards. You expect choice premium beef products at excellent prices from your experienced meat broker.  At Interra International, we have the tools and the passion to buy from the right supply chain partners for each unique business. Value-driven professionals with integrity.

Our sustainable beef products are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Our goal is safe and nutritious cow and steer beef products that meet the needs of the present while always looking to the future, safeguarding our resources for generations to come.

Interra offers wholesale beef in a variety of cuts – from the primal cuts (shoulder, loin, belly, leg, ham) to manufacturing meats, meat by products, beef offals, processed wholesale meat products, and branded products prepared to your specifications.


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Meat Product Types

Primal cuts     • Manufacturing Meat     • Offals     • Further Processed Products

wholesale beef products

Interra International would like to show you the dedication and service they provide. Our 30+ years of experience in global sourcing is put to work for you. We will optimize purchasing for your business(es) and offer in-house documentation and logistics capabilities. Experience the Interra difference and see you we stand out from the competition. Contact us for more information.

Interra International

“Insisting on Integrity, Striving for Excellence, Promoting Family, and Fostering Cooperation.”