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Interra International Brands

Our main brands are RiverEdge Farms and Super Meal. Products include protein cuts, commodities, and animal feed. We also sell a variety of national and international brands.

Made in the U.S.A.

RiverEdge Farms

Our RiverEdge Farms brand offers a range of products that includes protein cuts and commodities for use in retail, wholesale and distribution settings. The RiverEdge Farms brand features engaging red, yellow and green graphics that stands out in retail applications. Our product is a choice of excellent quality and value. Retail products are tailored to the language and labeling requirements of the destination market. RiverEdge Farms is produced under HALAL processes.

high protein feed ingredients

Made in the U.S.A.

Super Meal

Our Super Meal brand offers a wide range of products that includes high-quality animal by-products, vegetable proteins, and amino acids.

Try our Cheese Meal made of two primary ingredients: natural cheese and soy flakes. These two primary ingredients provide high protein and moderate amounts of fat, which is exactly the nutritional profile a piglet needs. Super Meal Cheese Meal is used as an ingredient for baby pig feed, continuing from two days of age until ready for market (from farrow to finish). Super Meal cheese meal can also be used in pet food. Cheese Meal has a 12-month shelf life when stored in a clean, dry area with temperature not exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Super Meal is packaged in 25 kg. multi-walled paper poly bags or one metric ton tote bags.  The Super Meal brand features engaging green and light yellow graphics.

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