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Welcome from the CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Interra International, a global leader in trade and distribution of food products. Interra’s leadership position is the result of more than 30 year commitment to drive value to our trading partners through unparalleled service and timely actionable information. Interra International combines innovative technology with a multi-national team strategically placed to serve the supply chain needs of its partners across the globe. Interra International is a recognized leader in proteins, commodities, and the retail industry.

Every Interra team member is selected in accordance with our corporate values. Those values serve as the underpinning of our firm’s dedication to our mission: The right source, The right price, The right time – Interra Delivers!

It is my greatest desire that your experience with Interra International, in every way, meets your highest expectations.

Thank you for visiting Interra!

Stephen T. Isaf

President & CEO

Company Profile

Interra International is a global leader in the trade and distribution of food products, selling over 4,300 products from 45 source countries into over 95 destination countries. In 2015, we welcomed an affiliation with Seaboard Corporation, increasing our product offerings. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with five U.S. offices and multiple office locations worldwide, Interra International has an effective and efficient global reach. Interra is recognized for its product expertise in the meat and poultry industry, as well as in commodities and consumer packaged goods. With its multi-national team, Interra International provides its customers with market intelligence, industry knowledge, and supply chain management.

Since its establishment in January 2000, Interra has been dedicated to providing consumers with exceptional value. Interra’s global sourcing enables its customers to optimize purchasing and improve worldwide market visibility by presenting the customer with the most actionable business information, with consideration to regulatory, natural, and geo-political shifts. Interra International’s in-house documentation and logistics capabilities distinguish it from its competition, and allows the company to offer outstanding service from start to finish.

We are in the information business – first. Whether your question is about availability, quality, pricing, logistics or compliance – our staff will deliver accurate, timely information that you will come to rely on. What keeps our course and guides this organization is a simple promise: “Our word is our ink – it’s the bond with our suppliers and customers.” With this guiding principle as our compass, we work with customers and suppliers who share in our business ethic. We do this because, at the end of the day, trust is the bond in a long-term relationship.

Combined, these features support the company’s mission – “The right source, The right price, The right time – Interra Delivers!”

Our Corporate Compass


“Insisting on Integrity, Striving for Excellence, Promoting Family, and Fostering Cooperation.”


Interra strives to provide our customers and business partners with professionally accurate, precise and timely market information. We continually implement new ideas and technology allowing us to be a global leader in our industry and to ensure a competitive position in international trade.


Interra is a global leader in international trade through innovative technology, Values Driven professionals and strategic relationships.