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Interra International – Raw, Refined, and Specialty Sugars

Interra International sources sugar directly and indirectly from sugar mills and refineries from a variety of countries throughout the world. We offer a wide range of wholesale sugar products from white refined to a variety of raw sugars including organic and other specialty sugars. Our staff is well versed in the commodities marketing, especially wholesale sugar, and will deliver accurate, timely information that your business can rely on.

Bulk Sugar Distributor – Flexible Bulk Sizes and Packaging

Interra International selectively chooses its wholesale sugar sources from strategic locations around the world. This global network helps secure excellent pricing and reduce time to delivery.

In addition, Interra’s global sourcing enables its customers to optimize purchasing options on bulk sugar packaging, quantity, and frequency of delivery. We ship sugar in bulk and in bags with loads from a single container to large bulk and break-bulk cargo lots.

Full Range of Organic, Brown, Refined, and Raw Sugar Product Types

Our product range includes, but is not limited to the following sugar products.



Sugar Product Types

ICUMSA 2000-7500

(Raw Turbinado Sugar)

This unrefined sugar has a large golden-brown grain and in certain regions is also referred to as a ‘Demerara’ Sugar. It comes from pressed sugar cane which is then evaporated for the juice to form thick cane syrup. The syrup is dehydrated to form these large golden-brown crystals.

ICUMSA 600-1200

(Raw VHP Sugar)

A raw sugar common in Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of sugar, which has a small amount of molasses retained in the crystal. It is often exported and refined at the destination country.

ICUMSA 300-600

(Standard/Natural Sugar)

A white sugar most commonly produced in Mexico. Standard or ‘Natural’ sugar has a light golden brown grain with a subtle hint of molasses in its flavor profile. Standard can be utilized in direct food applications and is also favored by refineries around the world as a bulk feedstock thanks to its high sugar content and low re-processing costs.


(Plantation White Sugar)

A white sugar commonly produced for local consumption in sugar cane growing countries. It is produced at the Sugar Mill without the need for additional refining of the raw sugar.


(White Refined Sugar)

A highly refined white sugar product. This is the table sugar that most people use every day and is typically sold as granulated sugar.

Specialty: Interra offers a wide range of Specialty Products for direct food use including organic, fairtrade, powdered, light/dark brown, retail and sachet products. If you are interested in a specialty product, please contact your local market representative for more details and specific availability within your region.

Packaging/Minimum Order Size: Interra has the flexibility and scale to fulfill orders from a single container to entire vessels depending on our customers’ needs on both a bulk and bagged basis. Our customers packaging requirements range from bulk/break bulk vessels, bulk truck/containers, FIBCs/big bags (1/1.5 metric ton), 50KG bags, 25KG/50 pound bags, retail and sachets.

Food Safety: Interra is actively involved with all its trade partners, customers and vendors alike, in order to improve food quality, safety and ingredient transparency throughout our various product supply chains. When ordering, please make sure to make your sales representative aware of any specific food safety requirements pertaining to your local market.

To learn more or to get in touch with our wholesale sugar specialists, please call us or use our contact us form and we’ll be happy to contact you.

Interra International is a full-service food distribution company focused on value and innovation. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring quality food products to every corner of the globe. Contact us for more information.

Interra International

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