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Interra International has close relationships with sellers in the U.S., Argentina, India, China and Brazil. While U.S. peanuts account for the majority of our volume, dealing with other sourcing origins provides us with a macro view of the peanut market. On the demand side, having access to information in destination markets, allows us to intelligently communicate and provide value to our suppliers. We move edible nuts from the selling plant to our buyer’s destination, which can be as close as Mexico, to South Africa or China. Interra adds value through bearing and navigating the inherent risks in international trade, and providing that necessary liquidity to the market.

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Product Types


Peanuts: Virginia In-shell and shelled kernels – U.S.
Runner: Kernels and farmerstock – U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Nicaragua. Spanish/Java: Kernels – U.S. and India Bold: Kernels – India.
Added Value Products: Roasted Splits, Granulate Peanuts, Peanut butter, Crude Peanut Oil.
Packaging: Tote bags and 50 kg bags. Vacuum bags may be accommodated in case of certain origins


Cashews: Cashew kernels: India and Vietnam.
Raw cashew nuts (in-shell): Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau and Gambia.


Almonds: Whole natural or blanched – U.S
Sizes: 16/18, 18/20, 20/22, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30, 30/32 and 32, 34 pieces per ounce.
Natural and Inshell Nonpariel, Carmel, California, Butte, padre, Mission, Monterrey, Sonora, Fritz, Price and Peerless.
Blanched: Slice, Slivered and Diced.


Walnuts: Inshell Chandler, Hartley Howard, Tulare, Vina – U.S.
Kernels (Halves and /or Pieces)


Hazelnuts: Inshell: Barcelona, Ennis, Jefferson – U.S
Kernels: Whole & Broken


Pistachios: Inshell: Colossal /Less than 18, Extra Large/18 to 20, Large/21 to 25, Medium/26 to 30 and Small/More than 30 nuts per ounce – U.S
Kernels: Jumbo, Large, Large splits and Whole and Broken Kernels.