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Interra at Asia’s Largest Food Exhibition – SIAL China

SIAL China May 17th – 19th

If you have a stake in the food industry, SIAL China should be your destination this May from the 17th – 19th in Shanghai. SIAL China is the fourth largest food event in the world with huge attendance from all major food industry stakeholder across the globe.

SIAL China will see representation from 70 countries and will include major market players from food services, retail, trade, manufacturing, hotel, restaurant/catering, and more. With Asia comprising 2/3 of the worldwide population, this valuable exhibition will provide information on the regional food industry as well as trends and innovations.

Particularly highlighted is the meat (chicken, beef, pork, turkey) and dairy food sectors. SIAL China will cover almost 150,000 square feet of exhibition space in 13 halls and is expected to have over 80,000 professionals participating in the 4 main areas: Food, Meat, Dairy, and Wine.

Come to Shanghai and visit the Interra International food booth(s) located in the USA Pavilion, Hall E5, Stand E5 C 035 (Hall E, Aisle C). Discover innovative food products and learn about consumer trends in the global and Asian food market.

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