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Interra International | Corn Industry News

Corn Futures on the Rise

Futures investors are bullish on corn. In fact, corn futures for May jumped over 9 cents per bushel recently. Let’s explore what’s happening with corn that is causing this increase in corn future prices. Weather Issues The Midwest is expecting…

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Shipping Issues Disrupt the Ag Industry

Shipping containers are in demand these days and for different reasons. First, trade has accelerated in the past year, creating an increased demand on shipments and the need for more containers. Manufacturers of shipping containers are increasing production in an…

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Interra International | Food Challenges In Brazil

Food Challenges in Brazil

Brazilian Truck Strike Brazilian truck drivers have been trying for years to improve working conditions, including wages which they feel are insufficient to make a decent living. This year, truck drivers are focused on the minimum freight prices which they…

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Interra International | Food Industry, Food Safety

Food Safety during COVID

There is no evidence to suggest that handling food or consuming food is associated with COVID-19. The virus is spread person to person through respiratory droplets from speaking, coughing, or sneezing. However, it is possible to get COVID-19 by touching…

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