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Chicken Wings – From Worthless to Wonderful

Chicken Wings – A New Food Tradition

Over the past 50 years, chicken wings have transformed from a virtually worthless byproduct to an urban legend, especially in North America where they are the hottest item on the menus. In fact, chicken wings are so popular you can find them everywhere from food trucks to bistros, in Asian fusion restaurants, pizza joints, and of course, the neighborhood sports bar.

The Chicken Wing – A Brief History

The story goes that the Buffalo wing was so named for its early appearance in a small bar, in Buffalo New York, called the Anchor Bar. The invention was the result of a delivery error, chicken wings instead of necks, which the family-owned bar used when making spaghetti sauce. To avoid wasting the wings, a bar appetizer was created by deep-frying them, coating them in hot sauce, and serving them with blue cheese dressing and celery. The appetizer was a success, and the rest is history.

The Popularity of the Chicken Wing

The chicken wing has become so popular in the United States that 8 out of every 10 adults is a wing eater. In fact, over a billion wings are consumed every year on Super Bowl Sunday alone. Chicken wing fast food restaurants are on the rise, and so are prices too. Wholesale prices of wings are hitting record highs, climbing almost 20% to a record $2.09/pound in August for jumbo wholesale chicken wings.

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