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The Sweet Side of Sugar

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Sugar is a major player in the food industry. Last year the world produced approximately 170 million metric tons of sugar and that number is forecasted to increase for 2018. Baking, canning, preserves/jams, beverages, and much of the general food industry all rely on sugar to some extent.

The Many Forms of Sugar

There are many different types of sugar available for a wide variety of purposes:

White sugar or granulated sugar

  • Coarse sugar
  • Fine, superfine, or ultrafine sugar
  • Fruit sugar
  • Bakers special
  • Confectioners or powdered
  • Sanding sugar

Brown sugar

  • Light and dark brown sugar
  • Turbinado or raw sugar
  • Muscovado or Barbados sugar
  • Free-flowing brown sugars
  • Demerara sugar

Liquid sugar

  • Sucrose
  • Amber liquid sugar
  • Invert sugar

Bulk Sugar Supplier with Flexible Bulk Packaging Options

If your business depends on bulk sugar supplies and would like to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and variety of sources available, then let Interra International’s wholesale sugar specialists help you. Interra will help you find the best source for your needs and your location. Contact Interra for more information on our global trade solutions.

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