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Feed Ingredients – Cattle Feed

Selecting the right feed for your cattle is an important part of the process of raising quality consumer beef. What you feed your beef cattle has a direct impact on the quality of the meat and the overall market price the beef will fetch.

Beef cattle are herbivores but do need specific nutrients to grow and thrive. Healthy cattle are more resistant to illness and disease. A cow that has been provided with good nutrition and less stress will generally show excellent weight gain and provide better quality of beef products at maturity.

Quality feed for your livestock

Beef cattle need the following nutrients for health:

  • Protein – extracted from vegetable plants; the hay and grasses they forage do contain protein. Many farmers choose to supplement, especially young, growing calves.
  • Vitamins – beef cattle need an abundance of vitamins, especially A, D, and E. Any cattle that is stressed will benefit greatly from supplemental vitamin B.
  • Minerals – minerals are an important part of the cattle diet, specifically calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iodine, salt, copper, zinc, and selenium. Proper attention to the pasture they graze and supplementing with minerals yields a premium beef product.

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