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Fresh Wholesale Dairy – Best Sources

Interra International customers enjoy access to an extensive line of wholesale milk and dairy products. Interra is not just a traditional dairy distributor, but rather a comprehensive wholesale provider of dairy product types in a variety of forms.

Oils, butters, fats, and powders – caseins, concentrates, isolates, and more. Interra International is your source for quality milk and dairy commodities around the world. Interra finds the best sources for its clients based on product type, location, and volume. Our unique tracking system helps us reduce middleman costs, streamline the supply chain, and deliver fresher and faster!

Leverage our experience and elevate your success. Interra International offers it knowledge and expertise to help you acquire the products you need from the best sources worldwide.

• Acid Casein
• Anhydrous Milk Fat
• Butter (Salted, Unsalted, Oil)
• Buttermilk
• Calcium Caseinate
• Milk (Protein, Powder, Powder Blends, Halal, Kosher)
• Whey (Deproteinized, Protein Concentrate)
• And more


Improve Your Business with Quality Dairy Products

We want to help your food operations by simplifying the supply chain, improving product tracking, and providing faster delivery. Take your business to the next level with premium wholesale dairy products from Interra International.

Please contact a Customer Service Representative for our complete list of wholesale dairy and milk powders.

Interra International

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“The right source, The right price, The right time – Interra Delivers!”

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