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Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg

This is an age-old debate that continues to be a circular riddle with no clear answer. However, one thing is clear, there are no lack of egg and chicken lovers in the foodie world. From breakfast eggs to chicken dinners, poultry is among the top four meat products consumed globally.

The Demand for Chicken Products Rise

The demand for chicken products continues to rise and the food industry continues to find unique and interesting ways to package and deliver poultry products to meet these demands. Chicken consumption has been on the rise for over 3 years and is expected to remain over 90 lbs. per capita in 2017 and 2018. That is a lot of chicken and a lot of demand.

Quality Wholesale Poultry Products

With all the ways to prepare, serve, and consume poultry products, the real concern is the wholesale supply needed to fill the demand. Today, consumers are more savvy and looking for quality products that meet health and safety standards. Do you have the best supply chain for your food based business?

If your business depends on quality wholesale chicken and poultry products, let Interra International introduce you to the best poultry sources worldwide.  With a global reach and excellent partnerships, Interra will give your business a crack at the best poultry and chicken products available.

Contact us Interra for more your wholesale poultry needs.

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