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Gulfood 2018 – The 23rd Edition of Food Innovation

Gulfood 2018 is placing innovation at the heart of its 23rd Food and Beverage event. The exhibition space is grand with over a million square feet welcoming 5,000 exhibitors worldwide. This truly is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about new services and innovations designed to support current consumer demand as well as to source the best and most current products at optimal price points for your business.

Gulfood 2018 Targets 8 Primary Market Sectors

Gulfood 2018 will be held at the Dubai Trade Centre from Feb 18th – 22nd and showcases products across the following 8 market sectors:

  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Fats & Oils
  • Heath, Wellness, Free-from
  • Pulses, Grains, Cereals
  • Meat & Poultry
  • World Food
  • Power Brands

Beverages includes waters, soft drinks, hot drinks, and other fresh beverages. Teas, sports drinks, and juice drinks are becoming popular with the young population. Specialty coffee and tea shops are increasingly prevalent. Diversified beverage offerings are an important topic.

Dairy varieties encompass milks, yogurts, butters, and cheeses. Greater product varieties, convenience, flavors, and organic products are all key trends to follow this year.

Plant-based cooking oils such as olive, coconut, and sunflower are showcased as well as ghee and other fats/oils. Health conscious consumers are demanding low-fat, low-cholesterol, and low-calorie options. Low impact processing options are also driving sales trends.

Organic, vegan, gluten free and other healthy, enriched, and fortified foods will be a focus in the Health/Wellness/Free-from exhibits. The desire for more whole foods, plant-based proteins, and products with no artificial ingredients is driving this market sector.

Cereals, grains, beans, rice, and pulses have seen record growth, especially in organic products and will be showcased at Gulfood this year. With the spotlight on nutrition and sustainability, pulses and trendy grains are becoming increasingly popular.

Learn more about meat and poultry options including grass-fed, corn-fed, free-range, and more. Traceable sourcing, natural and organic options, and halal meat are the trends to watch.

Don’t miss the country pavilions which bring you the best of traditional foods around the world through specialty product offerings. This year’s World Food exhibition hall will feature 120 country pavilions with an amazing variety of unique, authentic, and natural products on display.

Power Brands offer multiple product offerings and are a single source provider in multiple food/beverage categories. As consumers demand value, substantial differentiation and added value will be key to success this year.

Interra International Attends Gulfood 2018

Gulfood 2018 features a series of insights and activities to guide the global Food & Beverage industry to make good, sound, and informed business decisions. With a focus on Tastes, Trends, and Trade this show will help your business find new products, suppliers, and business opportunities. Get involved and learn the trends, challenges, and evolving changes in the industry. Visit us in booth D4-44 and G2-42 or contact Interra for more information and an opportunity to meet with our trade professionals at Gulfood 2018.


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