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Bring your Child to Work Day

Interrra International - Bring your Child to Work Day

Tuesday, June 25, Interra welcomed 22 children and young adults to our office for Bring Your Child to Work Day (BYCTWD).  Children aged 8 to 18 enjoyed a variety of events and presentations designed to give them an idea of what a career in international agribusiness is like.

After a breakfast of donuts, Interra CEO Steve Isaf presented the company’s history, mission and business model.  These sharp young people impressed us with their knowledge of world geography and current events.  They even knew about China tariffs!

Next, participants separated into groups by age, with elementary and middle-schoolers in the Marketing Center and high-schoolers in the Centennial room.  Accounting, Sales and Purchasing, Risk Management, Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources all shared their roles with age-appropriate presentations.

Younger children played a game in the style of Jeopardy! for prizes.  Jeremy Horst then created a variety of balloon animals for them to take home.

The teenage crew learned about resume writing, interviewing and pursuing a career path, and also took a survey that suggested careers based on their areas of interest.

The day ended with an office tour, pizza, and sitting with mom or dad to observe what they do at work.

Adults and kids alike seemed to benefit from BYCTWD.  “It’s wonderful that we bring the kids into the office,” Accounting 101 presenter Andrew McLemore said.  “It’s not just good for them, it’s good for us.  It’s really great when you can see people’s kids and see the parents’ faces in the kids.  It puts the family aspect in the business.”

Lucca Reyes, 13, agreed.  “I liked the trivia and all the presentations, especially Operations and Risk Management.  I got to learn about how the business works,” Lucca said.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this very special event!

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