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24 Years Strong: Celebrating Our Foundation Week

In the third week of January, we held our second annual Founders’ Week, a significant occasion where we delved into the roots of our organization’s success. It was a time to pay homage to the remarkable individuals who charted our course: Arwen Hatcher, Bill Green, Cynthia Isaf, David Knowles, Dene Kirby, John Donofrio, Ken Figlewicz, Linda Cagle, Mike Crump, and Stephen Isaf.

Aligned with our company’s 24th anniversary, this week was not merely a celebration but an opportunity for introspection and learning. We recognized the importance of understanding our history, as it forms the very fabric of our culture. Through retrospectives, including sharing photos of our founders and engaging in trivia, we gained valuable insights into the journey that shaped us.

The pinnacle of the week was our Spirit Day, a vibrant celebration of our corporate culture. Sporting our new Interra branded shirts, we savored an international potluck banquet, savoring not just the flavors but also the stories behind the countries where we operate. It was a moment of cultural immersion that reinforced our global identity.

As the week drew to a close, we embarked on a department crawl, an informal gathering where camaraderie flourished. Dressed in Hawaiian shirts, we bonded over mocktails and appetizers, strengthening the ties that bind us as a team.

Looking ahead, we anticipate next year’s Founders’ Week with excitement, as we approach the milestone of our 25th anniversary. We extend our gratitude to all who joined us in honoring our founders and participating in this enriching journey of self-discovery and appreciation of our heritage.

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