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Beef up Your Holiday Menu

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Americans are busy grocery shopping, holiday planning, and preparing for the biggest feast day of the year. Many holiday gatherings include the traditional roasted turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and colorful vegetables.

Thanksgiving – More than Turkey

An herb-crusted roast beef or a prime rib with thyme au jus is just the addition to dress up the tradition. With larger gatherings, adding a beautiful roast gives your guests variety. A well-cut tenderloin is an impressive addition to any menu.

You many even find that special roast is a warm welcome to the typical Thanksgiving meal. Guests will be impressed with a fancy prime rib or tenderloin and possibly even skip the turkey in favor of a fine roasted beef option.

Interra International is a market leader in wholesale beef products. If you would like to upscale your Thanksgiving meal offerings with some beautiful cuts of beef, contact Interra for the right source of wholesale beef products to support your business needs.

Change it up; spice it up; consult your wholesale beef partner, Interra International.

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