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Community Outreach at ACSS

Interra International Outreach ACSS

On September 23rd, seven Interra employees volunteered at the Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency (ACSS) in the debut service project of the newly created Community Outreach Committee.

Located in downtown Atlanta, ACSS provides services and training for those experiencing homelessness. We had the opportunity to meet several of the staff, who explained how they work with people and get them on their feet, assisting them with housing, food, counseling, and job readiness skills.

ACSS had accumulated several large boxes of clothing donations over time and had recently bought some clothing racks in order to start a “Clothing Closet” where people in need could pick out some items to wear, e.g., to a job interview. They had asked if our group could assemble the clothing racks, sort through the clothes, and hang the good clothing on the racks. We also offered to bring our own clothing donations to add to their collection. After three hours, the clothing racks were up and full and the rest of the clothes were neatly folded and sorted into categories and ready for distribution! We listened to eclectic music while debating the suitability of items and watched as one of our colleagues ingeniously created makeshift hangers when we ran out.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, as well as team members who supported them while they were away from the office for a few hours!

“For me it was an amazing experience to know that in a way we were helping people get on their feet with their lives and careers.” -Gisela Martinez

“Volunteering usually starts for me with a sense of one giving something of yourself to others… but for me it always ends up being the other way: feeling so enriched by the act of giving. To be able to be a part in the process of someone getting a second (maybe a first?) chance: at work, maybe even at life, or at becoming a provider for themselves and maybe their family. What a powerful thing to be able to contribute, one little bit, to the betterment of our fellow humans. It was an experience that touched my heart.” -Cali Peterson

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