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Why Work for Interra

Interra International | Food Industry Careers

Selecting the right company when considering a job change is an important step in searching for potential employers. At Interra International, we feel our work environment is unique and we would like to share a preview of what you can expect to find if you apply for a position and accept an offer of employment. Knowing more about our company, our values, and our culture can help you feel familiar with the job and the expectations so that you can determine if Interra is a good match for you.


Let’s start by describing the reputation of the company and its key leaders which is an important aspect in understanding our values. We believe in an honest and straightforward approach to our industry, our customers, and our colleague interactions. Communication is key to our internal and external relationships and respecting everyone’s viewpoint and knowledge is an important aspect of our business.

Quality Products & Services

To truly become a proud member of an organization, it is important to feel a sense of pride for the products and services that company offers. We believe in offering quality products and services that our customers can rely on. We believe in having quality services to and relationships with our vendors, as well as having an intimate understanding of our sourced products. These key factors combined with our drive to continuously improve makes us unique. We also have proprietary in-house tracking systems, talented staff, and a commitment to professionalism that sets us apart from the competition.

Culture & Values

Each and every employee at Interra International is a valued team member and contributor. We respect all viewpoints, ideas, and welcome all collaborative innovations that can improve our services to our clients. We pride ourselves in being a diverse and passionate community of food industry professionals.

Success & Growth Opportunities

To accept an employment opportunity at Interra is to unleash your professional potential. We believe that the world is an ever-changing one, and the need for continuous training is important. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as paid time off, insurance, and 401K matching. We encourage and delight in our employees when they achieve success and move their career forward. We offer numerous opportunities for career enhancement and promotion.

The most important aspect of Interra is our community, and it is important to us that you are excited to join our team and that you are a good fit for our environment and culture. We encourage you to ask questions to get a thorough understanding of our company and our passion for our clients. We want you to succeed, not just in your personal life, but in your professional life, and finding the best-fit company is crucial to that endeavor. We hope that Interra is the next choice in your journey. Learn more about careers at Interra.

Interra International

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