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Nutrition Takes Center Stage

Powdered Proteins - New Trends in 2017 Nutritional Products

As the pace of life accelerates, consumer interest in new protein products rises. Healthy snack foods, dry mixes, beverages, and cheese products among others are taking advantage of powder protein products to enhance the taste and value to the consumer. Powdered proteins such as dairy milk powders, whey powders, and halel milk powders are highly sought after. These powders are created from wholesome fresh products and made available to product formulator through the creativity and sourcing of wholesale food suppliers such as Interra International.

Interra Internation offers a wide variety of protein powders, such as

  • Buttermilk powder – created from churned, pasteurized, and condensed butter.
  • Dry whole milk powder – created from pasteurized, homogenized, and condensed whole milk.
  • Nonfat dry milk – created from nonfat milk and produced to improve solubility.
  • Dairy milk powder blends – a variety of blends of whole and skim milk powder.
  • Kosher milk powder – created with milk from kosher animals.
  • Milk protein isolate – the highest quality pure milk protein.
  • Sweet whey powder – created from fresh pasteurized whey with no preservatives added.
  • Whey protein concentrate – created from fresh pasteurized whey and available in a range of percentages of protein content.

Click here for more information on Interra International powdered protein products and other dairy and milk commodities. For more personalized service, please contact your local Interra International office.

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