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Interra Donates to Customers’ Relief Efforts after Super Typhoon Hits Central Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai, or Odette to the locals, swept through the central Philippines in mid-December, causing widespread damage through strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding. The storm, equivalent to a Category-5 hurricane, hit major provinces, including Cebu, the second capital of the Philippines. The death toll reached 407 and over 200,000 homes were damaged. Many were left homeless just before Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year for most Filipinos.

Concerned, the Interra team reached out to our customers in that area. From one partner, we heard their business suffered some setbacks with power and internet outages, but the most pressing was their many employees whose houses were damaged in the storm.

Helping their employees rebuild their homes was an urgent need. Another customer had a similar story, with some challenges to the business but seeing much community suffering. Their company was affiliated with a nonprofit foundation that had been primarily focused on education of local children, but in the aftermath of the storm pivoted to distributing food, water, and other essentials to the local community.

Over the last two months, Interra donated USD 3000 to help our customers rebuild their employees’ homes and help those affected by this disaster get back on their feet. We consider our customers, vendors, and other partners as part of the extended Interra family, after all!

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