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Dairy Trends in 2019

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The dairy industry is always changing in response to consumer preferences. 2019 is no exception. Let’s take a trip down the dairy isle of your supermarket and see what innovations and trends we might bring home.

Digestive Wellness

Wellness has been taking the forefront in consumer awareness. The dairy industry is taking gut health and probiotics very seriously. This is set to be a major trend this year and beyond with the probiotics market predicted to reach over $70 billion by 2014.

Probiotics are a key ingredient in yogurt, both the standard yogurt as well as the drinkable variety. Milk products (organic, filtered, and lactose free products) are also including probiotics and touting their health products on labels.

Dairy Proteins

The nutritional benefits of dairy proteins continue to surface each year, with nutrition research citing important benefits of incorporating whey and milk proteins into the daily diet. Proteins are essential for building and maintain muscle, and research shows that whey and milk proteins are a high quality, complete source of amino acids.

Dairy products are seeing a major increase in protein-enriched innovations and are now being advertised as “high protein” to consumers.

Low Carb Options

Popular diets are now focusing on avoiding carbohydrates in favor of fats, and the dairy industry is offering options. Cheese is an excellent source of healthy fats and butter is making a come-back over margarine as a healthy fat. If you are someone who enjoys healthy eating and following a low-carb diet, the dairy industry is offering new and innovative products incorporating caseins, milk protein, and whey protein.

More Flavor, Less Sugar

Flavored dairy products are growing rapidly, particularly in response to the younger generation’s demand. From flavored milk, flavored butter, and marinated cheeses, the dairy industry is full of flavor this year. The trend is reducing the amount of sugar while adding ingredients with natural sweetness or salty/savory options for more taste.

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