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Pork – A Preferred Staple for Many

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During this unprecedented period of economic uncertainty, U.S. pork exports posted the 3rd largest month on record in February of this year. In fact, U.S. pork exports had been on an upswing, soaring to new records in 2019, reaching nearly $7 billion according to the USMEF. In December of last year alone, pork export reached 282,145 metric tons, a 34% YOY increase and a new high.

Much of this growth is attributed to pork product demands from China where a shortage of fresh pork is forcing consumers toward frozen pork products, thus opening an excellent opportunity for U.S. Pork exporters.

While the COVID-19 coronavirus has shut down most restaurants around the world, China is beginning to open their dine-in restaurants in low risk areas, especially those offering outdoor dining. Customers are slow to return and complicated health procedures are in effect, but owners are grateful to be working again and hopeful for a return to normal.

Asian food services were also quick to respond to market changes, adopting online food ordering and pairing with delivery service companies.

While these are uncertain times and the future is unclear, the fact remains that food is a necessity. Food importers, food retailers, and restaurant owners are finding creative ways to keep their businesses moving forward, despite the obstacles. Pork sales are proof that opportunities still exist.

As your partner in food trade and an expert in the sourcing and trade of pork products, we look forward to more hopeful news on the recovery from this unfortunate pandemic. We will work together to stay safe and keep the world fed, finding creative ways to meet customer needs.

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