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The Pandemic – What We Eat Does Matter

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The coronavirus has changed a lot about what we do, how we work, and how we socialize. But, has it changed how we eat?

Food is an Essential

Throughout the pandemic, there have been lots of restrictions, bars and restaurants closing, entertainment and sporting events cancelled, but grocery stores have remained open. Special measures have been put in place in supermarkets, such as plexiglass panels between customer and employee, marked areas on the floor indicating a 6-foot distance during checkout, and making self-serve bulk items unavailable. However, food is a necessity and we are all thankful for the many supermarket employees who continue to work, wearing masks, stocking shelves, and running cash registers so we can put food on our tables.

What’s for Dinner?

We are definitely eating more meals at home. This is hopefully having a positive effect on our family lives and interpersonal relationships, but is it changing what we eat?

Pre-pandemic, people weren’t exactly eating the healthiest diet, especially Americans. Fast food restaurants and pre-packaged dinners were a way of life for many parents with long commutes, heavy work schedules, and lots of children’s activities. Now that we are at home, at the kitchen table, has the quality of the food we consume improved?

A few online studies have shown that the web traffic to cooking and recipe websites has increased significantly. This is certainly a positive shift. Children at home with their parents, are helping in the kitchen and learning to cook. Even some adults have been forced to add a few kitchen skills and learn new recipes due to the pandemic.

With early pandemic shortages at the grocery store, frozen foods, canned goods, dried beans and lentils were making their way onto the dinner table. Homemade veggie burgers were a popular recipe to search for online. Even the meat-lovers were using less meat (due to shortages and rationing) and supplementing meals with more veggies.

Wellness and Food.

Healthy eating is the most fundamental ways we care for ourselves. Nourishing our bodies with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins can provide us with many essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we need to fight the virus. As we get a handle on the virus, and slowly, safely re-open, we should all remember this time as one when we spent more time together, cooked meals together, and broke bread at the table together.

Dining out is a wonderful experience, and one that we all enjoy. Time spent together is invaluable, regardless of where we spend it…even if it is over a pot on the stove.

We hope you and your family are well. We also hope that you have had some memorable experiences during the pandemic.

We look forward to a “new normal” that includes a healthy mixture of home-based meals and healthy restaurant dining experiences. For all your food product needs, we encourage you to seek out our knowledgeable professionals, leverage our buying power, and see our full product portfolio.

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