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We love chicken. It has a wonderful taste; it works so well in so many dishes of such diverse cultures. It complements flavors and makes a very satisfying meal. It is also a very healthy choice for many.

Health Benefits

Consumption of chicken products can reduce the risk of becoming overweight and obese. Chicken is regarded as a low-fat and low-calorie source of protein. Further research shows that increased consumption of lean chicken products reduces cancer, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases.

High-quality protein

Chicken is a source of high-quality protein. It is food content with highly digestible proteins and high energy content. The nutritional composition of chicken products also includes unsaturated lipids, minerals, and fat-soluble B-complex vitamins.

Good for the heart

Low-fat diets like eggs and chicken meat combined with fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts strengthen heart health. Substituting red meat with poultry chicken products decreases cardiovascular risk factors and improves glycemic control.

Weight loss

Chicken is lean meat and is, therefore, a part of many weight-loss diets. It doesn’t have excess fat and so eating chicken regularly is a good option over other high fat and high-calorie food items.


A single chicken breast packs 31 g of protein while one egg supplies you with 13 g. This high protein content of chicken products makes it a reliable, healthy option for bodybuilders.

Quality first!

The health benefits of chicken products are only attainable if the quality and safety of the meat and eggs are assured. In the production chain of chicken products, many complex parameters affect food quality.

The nutritional value of chicken meat and eggs depends on factors such as environment, age, feeding, packaging, storage, and transport.

Local sourcing promotes the traceability of the food sources and can be a reliable approach to obtaining high grade and safe chicken products. Grading and inspecting food for safety is a requirement under the Food Safety Modernization Act. Working with local suppliers makes it easier to prove compliance.

Proper packaging is also essential in agricultural logistics because contamination can occur when products are transported between collection points. According to the FDA, the right packaging should reduce the risk of chemical breakdown, radiation exposure, and microbial breakdown of food.

At Interra International, we are focused on value and quality food distribution. We have local professionals available to help with your chicken products and sourcing needs. Talk to us at (+1) 770.612.8101/ or fill our our contact us form!

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