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Grain Harvest Time

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With harvest season upon us, American grain farmers are working hard to get their grains to storage. Grain elevators are extremely busy with hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain to be processed daily. Safety is paramount and new equipment is helping not only protect workers from entrapments and fatalities, but also to speed up the process of unloading the grain.

In Illinois, the new Ursa Farmers Co-Op in Camp Point has outfitted their new facility with what they call a zero-entry grain bin that has all the safety measures built in. The new technology that has been implemented at this modern facility monitors temperature and moisture. It will produce emergency alerts to help workers recognize any issues with the grain. This new grain elevator system with sweep augers, upgraded technology and scales is now reducing the unloading process from 50 minutes to under 10 minutes.

Making the unloading process safer and faster is a great improvement for the grain industry. With an expected strong harvest this fall, despite setbacks from the coronavirus, the US grain farmers are finding new ways to survive, and in some cases, thrive this pandemic year.

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