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Consumer Shifts Due to COVID-19

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Since the emergence of COVID-19, consumer interests have been shifting the focus of food-based industries. With certain risk factors weighing heavily on the minds of consumers in regard to the pandemic, good health and nutrition habits are influencing consumer present and perhaps future trends. Food palates are expanding as health-conscious consumers seek to create high-quality meals at home.

A Cut Above the Rest

During the threat of looming lockdowns, businesses that offer wholesale or bulk protein products have noted new developments in the consumer market. Consumers are diversifying their taste profile spurred on by necessity and a willingness to create unique “foodie” experiences from home.

Tenderloin, strip, top sirloin, and other popular cuts pre-pandemic have become less relevant as “out-of-stock” signs have propelled consumers to find other meat and cut alternatives. And the trend is continuing! The results have been a perk for many bulk product sales businesses because meat sales have not gone down. Instead they have expanded to include variety in meat cuts and protein options.

Healthy Proteins Are Tipping the Scale in a Good Way

The results are in, and meat sales are up! So are sales of other nutrient-rich comfort foods! When the threat of pandemic passes, many think the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle will continue. Consumers are gaining a better appreciation of atypical food choices and gravitating towards healthier options. They are tempering their food selection with the occasional comfort food indulgence to offset the stressors caused by the unknowns.

As behaviors and mindsets shift, successful food businesses are also changing to meet the new challenges brought on by COVID-19. However unintentional, necessity has given way to the importance of including varieties of food options to the masses. Change is happening! It’s time to climb aboard! Contact us to learn more about all the newest food innovations and how we can inspire your business.

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