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Supply Chain Management – Coping Through the Pandemic

Interra International | Supply Chain Management

Healthy and safe food on our tables comes to us through a complex global system of trade. Bringing food from farm to fork has many hurdles to overcome, on a good day. As the pandemic rages on, it is ever more complex and a luxury that we all should not take for granted.

We owe our diverse and healthy foods to a set of complex global supply chains that track and transport food by land, sea, and air from farms and fields around the world. With the new surge of COVID cases, governments around the world are implementing measures to prevent the spread through social distancing, travel, and transport restrictions. These restrictions can pose significant hurdles at each stage of the supply chain.

Proper safety and distancing on the farm and with the field workers. Flexibility in transport routes. Proper safety at origin and destination ports as well as safety measure in food processing plants. Every aspect is challenging and requires creative solutions and adaptive measures to make sure the food products are raised, gathered, transported, and handled with care and timeliness.

Regardless of what the food product is, its origin, or its destination, food supply chains are dependent on people. People who plant and harvest produce. People who raise and nurture livestock. People help with packaging, transport, and more. People are the key ingredient as is the pandemic continues and people become exposed and ill, the supply chain breaks down in ways that it is impossible to predict. Each of these minor disruptions can cause major ripples throughout the food supply chain.

At Interra International, we pride ourselves on the people and processes that have helped to continue to supply food products to our global customer base. Tracking tools have been fine-tuned to meet the changing demands. Our people have been instrumental in providing creative solutions to food sourcing or food transport issues. Everyone is working together to make sure that food products continue to be available despite massive changes and unprecedented challenges. Learn more about our innovative supply chain solutions and logistics.

It is for this reason that we take a moment to thank each and every member of the Interra family for their outstanding contributions. We appreciate all the hard work, creative thinking, and problem solving that has kept the food moving from farm to fork. Thank you all. We are all grateful for your contributions.

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