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The Perfect Serve for Charity!

Charity Ping-Pong Group

“Click, clack, click, clack” went the ball bouncing across the table, back and forth, as players from Interra International and sister company Seaboard Corporation went head-to-head in a high-intensity ping pong match for charity. Interra played for MUST Ministries, an organization in the metro Atlanta Area that provides a variety of support services (food, housing, and job assistance, to name a few) to those in need.  Historically we have supported MUST and recently have sent groups of Interra volunteers to pack food and to assist in their holiday toy shop.  The Seaboard players chose to play for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, another great charity, which does research and provides treatment to children with cancer and other very serious conditions, notwithstanding the family’s ability to pay.

Prior to this grand championship, Interra and Seaboard held tournaments in Atlanta and Kansas City, respectively, to determine who would represent each company in both the singles and doubles matches. There was a fierce battle but in the end, Juan represented Interra for the singles and he and his partner, Emilia, were our doubles winners.

As the day approached for the highly anticipated match, both offices were abuzz with excitement and team spirit for our players.  Intended to be an annual event following the 2019 Interra vs Seaboard championship, now, a full three years later, we were finally able to continue the tradition.  At the previous championship, hosted by Seaboard in Kansas City, Seaboard prevailed, so the Interra crowd was particularly intent on cheering our team to victory.  Back in Kansas City, a crowd of Seaboard employees gathered around to watch the video feed and root for their players.

The rooms went silent as the first serve was dealt and with each swing of the paddle, the atmosphere grew more tense. First came the doubles match, then the singles match.  We watched and witnessed great shots and saves on both sides. Ultimately, Interra triumphed in both singles and doubles, winning $5,000 for our charity. However, Seaboard did not go home empty-handed either; in an act of true sportsmanship, CEO Steve Isaf declared that Interra would also donate $5,000 Seaboard’s charity!

Big thanks to all the players and congratulations to the “Spin Masters” at Interra!

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