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Winter Wellness Challenge – Helping Employees (re)Establish Healthy Habits

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Our Winter Wellness Challenge was designed to help employees resume or start healthy habits after the chaos of the holidays. We started with one habit (getting 5000 steps per day) and each week added another, such as eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and meditating. We chose a wide range of activities to address different areas of health and to keep it both interesting and challenging.

Knowing that it takes time to establish new habits (and that sometimes you need a rest day), we set an overall target for 100 points out of a possible 147. Everyone who achieved the 100-point threshold was entered into a drawing for a gift card.

Participants agreed that the six-week challenge helped them get into healthy routines and work on areas of health they had not focused on before. They also appreciated the encouragement to get outside, in what otherwise can be a dark, cold time of year!

Daily Targets

5000 steps
64 oz water
5 servings of fruits/vegetables
20 minutes of sweat-inducing exercise
7 hours of sleep
10 minutes of meditation

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office crunches
office wellness
office exercises
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