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Food Transport Logistics – Overcoming the Challenges

Food Transport Logistics

Food is, undoubtedly, the most challenging to transport. Some products are fragile, subject to bruising. Some products are temperature sensitive. Handling instructions must be properly communicated. Seasonality and weather are also concerns. Floods, fires, and other natural disasters can cause local delivery issues and delays. Food safety includes on time delivery and monitored temperatures throughout transport.

Food Transport

Transportation logistics in the food industry vary greatly depending upon the food miles that must be travelled, the type of food to be transported, and cost of the transportation method. The longer and more complex the journey, the more important a knowledge of the food transport industry and state-of-the-art logistics tracking systems are to the success of the journey.

The main transportation options include:

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Trucking

In each case, the need for refrigeration has led to specialized vessels, refrigerated cargo areas, and precise product handling instructions. The entire food transport must be well planned and perfectly executed with excellent tracking and reporting.

Keeping Food Fresh and Safe

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