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Interra Packs Donations for Local Families

”Everyone thinks to donate and volunteer during the holiday season, but we hardly get ANY volunteers in January,” we were told. It was clear what we needed to do.

At the MUST Ministries donation center, a group of Interra employees spent the better part of an afternoon assembling boxes of nonperishable food for local families in need.

We started with the following:

• stacks of empty cardboard boxes

• full bins and cases of cans, packets, tins and bags of food

• two empty wooden pallets

By the end we had two full pallets of boxes, ready for distribution to 96 families!

As it turned out, every single participant had been trained in logistics at Interra, so we moved at record speed and finished on time despite being a smaller group than originally planned. It was great to use our fine-tuned efficiency to help the community! We also gained newfound appreciation for the warehouse workers that load the products into our trucks and ocean containers every day!

MUST Ministries is a non-profit organization helping people in the greater Atlanta community break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. MUST provides food, housing, jobs, healthcare, clothing and other resources to those in need.

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