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Anuga 2019 – 100 Years of History

ANUGA - General Food and Drink Trade Fair

This year, Anuga is celebrating 100 years of history. The first Anuga was held in Stuttgart in 1919. It was a much smaller scale show in which approximately 200 German companies participated and was called the General Food and Luxury Food Exhibition. By 1924, the General Food and Luxury Food Exhibition moved to Cologne in a much larger exhibition space welcoming over 360 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors.

By 1950, Anuga boasted over 1,200 exhibitors from 34 countries and attracted over 250,000 visitors from Germany and abroad. Due to growing size of the exhibition, the halls were divided up by industry in 1953.

Over the years, additional exhibition space was constructed, floating hotels were implemented, and buyer days were added to the venue in support the impressive growth and demand of this trade show.

In 1975, Anuga was reorganized into three main sections (food, food service systems, and industry/trade). In 1983, the European Association of Health Food Manufacturers participated in Anuga for the first time. 1993 saw another expansion of exhibition segments due to increased specialization of the buyers. Exhibitors were recommended to participate in industry-oriented presentations and, in 1995, further refinements of the structure were made. To the first fours sections, 5 more were added and the technical sections were separated off.

  1. Meat, Sausage, Game, Poultry
  2. Milk and Dairy Products
  3. Frozen Food and Ice Cream Products
  4. Beverages

The following five new product sections were formed:

  1. General Foodstuffs and Basic Materials
  2. Delicatessen and Health Food, Preserves and Spices
  3. Bread and Bakery Products, Sandwich Spreads, Luxury Foods
  4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Fruits
  5. Fish, Crustacea and Shellfish

The World’s Largest Trade Fair

Anuga is considered the largest trade fair in the world and is definitely one of the most important meeting places for industry specialists. It is not only the largest in sheer size but also in depth and breadth of content and value for those in the food and beverage industries.

One hundred years and excellent quality have formed Anuga into an international marketplace with maximum business impact. Top decision makers from retail, industrial, catering and other food sectors will gather to discuss current topics, innovation, and networking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with global food industry peers and leaders from around the world. Interra International will be in attendance at Booth #A-19.

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