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Reaching an anniversary is a major business milestone. At Interra International, we are proud of all that we have achieved and are celebrating our 20 years of commitment to the food industry.

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21Dec 20

Grateful this Holiday, Despite the Grim Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit new milestones. More than a quarter of a million Americans have lost their lives. We hear the news of vaccines, but they are still out of reach and the virus continues to rage. Life has not returned to normal and we are headed into winter.…

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17Nov 20

CMA CGM Donates Thanksgiving Turkeys for 35,000 Americans

This year  CMA CGM Group is supporting more than 35,000 Americans with turkeys donations for Thanksgiving across the country. In addition to the actual donations, CEVA Logistics (a subsidiary) is coordinating all of the ground transportation for the turkey distributions. Another subsidiary, APL, is providing Thanksgiving food boxes for U.S.…

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12Nov 20

Consumer Shifts Due to COVID-19

Since the emergence of COVID-19, consumer interests have been shifting the focus of food-based industries. With certain risk factors weighing heavily on the minds of consumers in regard to the pandemic, good health and nutrition habits are influencing consumer present and perhaps future trends. Food palates are expanding as health-conscious…

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26Oct 20

Going Nuts for the Holidays

Nuts are a holiday tradition in many families – from the simple and versatile peanut to cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, and more. Raw and roasted nuts, candied nuts, can be found in many family homes around the world and in plenty during the holiday season. In addition to their…

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19Oct 20

Grain Harvest Time

With harvest season upon us, American grain farmers are working hard to get their grains to storage. Grain elevators are extremely busy with hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain to be processed daily. Safety is paramount and new equipment is helping not only protect workers from entrapments and fatalities,…

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14Oct 20

Smaller Turkeys or More Leftovers?

The COVID-19 situation has affected so many areas of our lives, from work and school to social, sports, and more. Life has changed, and quite possibly in ways that will never completely return to normal. One potential area that food professionals are seeing could impact our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. With…

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21Sep 20

Premium Chicken Products and Logistics Services

We love chicken. It has a wonderful taste; it works so well in so many dishes of such diverse cultures. It complements flavors and makes a very satisfying meal. It is also a very healthy choice for many. Health Benefits Consumption of chicken products can reduce the risk of becoming…

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