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Interra International – Who We Are
Our dedicated professionals, armed with expertise and enthusiasm, fuel the engine of our success.

Grow Your Business with Interra International
Reaching an anniversary is a major business milestone. At Interra International, we are proud of all that we have achieved and are celebrating our 20 years of commitment to the food industry.

Interra International | Food Prices

Commodity Prices Continue to Climb

Corn and other commodity prices are climbing this year, a situation propelled by demand from China, speculation on Wall Street, and adverse weather affecting crops. Commodity Prices – Supply and Demand The first is a fluctuation in China’s demand for feed products. China’s corn prices surged recently in response to…

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Interra International | Food Industry News, Soaring Food Prices

Soaring Global Food Prices

The increase in raw materials and the cost of fuel is having a broad impact on food prices. Corn, wheat, rice, edible oils, and soybeans are dramatically more expensive with indications that prices will continue to rise. Across the world, these commodities are the staples of existence and are now…

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Interra International | Corn Industry News

Corn Futures on the Rise

Futures investors are bullish on corn. In fact, corn futures for May jumped over 9 cents per bushel recently. Let’s explore what’s happening with corn that is causing this increase in corn future prices. Weather Issues The Midwest is expecting some extreme cold weather this week with blizzard conditions in…

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Shipping Issues Disrupt the Ag Industry

Shipping containers are in demand these days and for different reasons. First, trade has accelerated in the past year, creating an increased demand on shipments and the need for more containers. Manufacturers of shipping containers are increasing production in an effort to meet the increased demand. Another reason, and of…

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Interra International - Diversity

Diversity – It’s not an Initiative, It’s Who We Are

Walking through Interra’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on any given day, you are very likely to hear at least five languages, and maybe as many as fourteen. In the break room, you’ll hear them too—people converse in whatever language they feel comfortable with. We talk to customers, suppliers, and others…

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Interra International | Food Industry News from Around the World

Container Vessel Stuck in the Suez Canal

Major efforts are underway to dislodge a large container ship stuck in the Suez Canal. The 224,000-ton ship, the Ever Given, entered the Canal on Tuesday morning. At approximately 7:40am local time, the ship suffered a blackout after being hit by a sandstorm due to strong winds. Egypt’s Suez Canal…

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Interra International | Food Challenges in Brazil

Food Challenges in Brazil

Brazilian Truck Strike Brazilian truck drivers have been trying for years to improve working conditions, including wages which they feel are insufficient to make a decent living. This year, truck drivers are focused on the minimum freight prices which they consider too low. Another concern is a project called BR…

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Interra International | Brexit and Food Supply Chain

How is Brexit Affecting Food Supply?

Brexit is the name given to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union or EU. On March 29th, 2017, the Prime Minister triggered the 2-year countdown to the UK formally leaving the EU. The expectation was that the UK would leave around in March 2019, but an extension was…

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